Indian Cultural Center – Tampa, Florida

Key Idea:

ICC Tampa operates as one of the largest India-focused cultural center in North America. The center promotes timeless values of brotherhood, harmony and respect for divinity present in every human being.

Scope Of The Project:

As the population of the Indian community in Tampa Bay Metropolitan area has grown over the years, so has the need for our community infrastructure. Apart from providing enduring support for the Indian Community, ICC Tampa has created two community facilities – Magnolia Hall and Lotus Gallery. These facilities serves a place not only to bring the local Indian community together, but to introduce Indian culture and heritage to the local mainstream community as well. ICC is a large and spacious center that provides ample opportunities and space for cultural projects. Two major facilities at ICC are as follows:

Magnolia Ballroom Features:

16,000 square feet of usable space
Mezzanine overlooking main floor
Elevator and Stair access to mezzanine
Large capacity seating
Direct kitchen access
Easy loading/unloading
Performance stage, dressing rooms and outdoor stage areas

Lotus Gallery Features:

5,000 square feet of useable space
Controlled spotlighting/dimmers
Video projection/sound system
Direct kitchen access
Direct access to outdoors
Portable platforms available

Insights For Your Contribution:

Cultural will not exist and flourish on its own. You have access to rich body of knowledge, habits and ideas because millions spent their lives to protect cultural values. Indian culture offers rich insights for spiritual and material life. Learn and pass on the values of our culture. Support building centers of excellence that expresses timeless values of our seers.