Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine

Introducing a New and Innovative Medical College

Preparing Doctors for Real-World Challenges
Fifty candidates from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. will soon converge in sunny Fort Lauderdale to blaze a new trail in physician education. Each will experience a hybrid, case- and problem-based Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program focused on leadership and innovation – the first of its kind in Florida. Discover the next generation of physician education – and see if we’re the right fit for you.


Focused on Patients, Teamwork and Problem-Solving
The NSU MD program was developed by a team of 100 medical educators, physicians and researchers with decades of field experience. As compared to passive, lecture-style teaching, the college’s curriculum is designed to prepare you to interact with patients and health care team members more effectively.


Active Learning: Just 7-8 Students Per Cohort
The innovative curriculum integrates didactics on ethics and humanities, genomics, inter-professional collaboration, biomedical informatics, and leadership, with heavy emphasis on research, technology and innovation.

Our students train to become active learners, work in smaller groups, (7-8 students per cohort), and learn to solve medical problems through active inquiry, under faculty facilitator direction.

Using clinical cases and a team-based approach, you’ll solve complex problems by honing your diagnosis skills. The program leverages both simulated patients and real-world examples.

Advancing Human Health

Medicine is evolving almost daily. Being on the forefront of new discoveries and new treatments that benefit patients is of the utmost importance. NSU MD faculty members actively participate in innovative research, both in the lab and clinical setting, to further develop discoveries that can benefit patients.

As part of NSU’s research-focused M.D. program, students can participate in research that will shape their understanding of medicine.

Areas of Research
Population Health
Cancer Therapeutics and Biomarkers

Rigorous Standards

Only independent self-starters passionate about medicine and driven to lead will be chosen for this charter class. You’ll graduate with innovative medical school training designed to solve today’s real-world health care problems – and better prepare you for other fast-approaching challenges.