Dr. Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions

Key Idea:

The Patel Center’s Key Mission to identify challenges in the developing world and find viable solutions to those problems; particularly issues related to potable water and sanitation, urbanization and migration, and sustainable activities. The Dr. Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions is a solutions-oriented research center based at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

Scope Of The Project:

Founded in May 2005 through a donation from Drs. Kiran C. and Pallavi Patel, the Patel Center for Global Solutions brings together faculty, staff, and students from USF to facilitate the development of new research and technologies in pursuit of its Strategic Plan. Although also a research institution, the Patel Center aims to transfer theory, advice, and technologies into on-the-ground realities. Through partnerships with various groups, including industry, governments, international aid organizations and private and public foundations, the Patel Center is able to catalyze the development and application of solutions. On November 2007, the Patel Center announced its group of inaugural Patel Fellows. Each Patel Fellow, a member of the University of South Florida staff, receives a stipend of $15,000 to support research projects related to the Patel Center’s work. For its inaugural year, seven Patel Fellows were selected:[6]

Elizabeth Barnett, Ph.D., Epidemiology focuses on the impact of economic development and disparities on African American health. Her fellowship will help extend investigations into cardiovascular health in the Caribbean. Her findings have the potential for wide applicability to other developing nations undergoing rapid economic transformation.

Michael Barnett, Ph.D., Management & Organization conducts research into sustainable economic activities and the “business case” for corporate social responsibility. He examines relationships between business, government and non-governmental organizations as they relate to sustainability practices and regulatory processes.

Martin Bosman, Ph.D., Geography is an expert on globalization and global city formation especially in the “global south.” His specialty is privatization and natural resource management in Latin America and Caribbean.

Wilbur Milhous, Ph.D., Public Health is concerned with the prevention and treatment of neglected diseases with a special emphasis on malaria. His work is being done in concert with USF’s commitment to develop models and present research findings with local, national and global applications and that guide future solutions and education in Florida and around the world.

Mark Rains, Ph.D., Hydrologic Sciences concentrates on the sustainable use and management of natural resources and ecosystems as well as socially-just economies based on ecotourism. He has most recently worked in the Dominican Republic on a teacher education program in the Caribbean centered on global climate change.

Maya Trotz, Ph.D., Civil & Environmental Engineering works in the areas of potable water and ecotourism. She has been examining quality in natural and engineered water systems with an emphasis on heavy metals. She has worked in Guyana on mercury contamination from mining activities and is taking a class to Guyana in 2008 to work with the Wai Wai people who are seeking to conserve their highly bio-diverse tropical rainforest.

Daniel Yeh, Ph.D., Environmental Engineering specializes in membrane biotechnology as it relates to drinking water and waste water engineering. His research into sustainable sanitation solutions is in response to the global water crisis.

Insights For Your Contribution:

There are experts and talented scholars around us, who can provide leadership in solving problems of our community and our worlds. These gifted experts need your support, resources and encouragement. When you find anyone having expertise in solving problems, offer them your respect, encouragement and if possible, your resources. You can solve world’s biggest problems by empowering people who have the talent to solve these problems.